If I don’t want to renew my subscription. Do I have to return the device?


 No you don’t have to return your device.


When the areas with no coverage will be covered?


 We are extending our coverage for all areas and this is one of the priority that mada is committed to.


Are you blocking p2p sites?


 There is no block on the p2p sites.


How many devices can connect to the router wirelessly?


 For the SOHO device you can connect up to 20 devices.


 For the Biscuit you can connect 8 users.


 For the USB it support only single user.


How is the coverage in certain areas?


 You can contact the customer support 24/7 to inquire about the coverage area on their number 1822888 or , visit mada website: www.mada.com.kw or check the coverage map in any of our branches.


If I installed the device in the basement, can it serve the upper floors?


 As all the WIFI connections, it has a limited range of coverage. So you will be in need to have an access point to have full coverage at your home.


Is the speed shared? Will it stay the same even if the number of subscribers increased?


 The speed will be affected by number of users using the same site but this will be very minimal effect.


Who are your upstream providers?


 Mada is a wireless internet service provider in Kuwait.


Does it require a phone line?


 No, it only requires an electrical power supply and to be within the coverage area


What technology mada is using?


 WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)


 The name "WiMAX" was created by the WiMAX Forum, which was formed in June 2001 to promote conformity and interoperability of the standard.


 The forum describes WiMAX as "a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile internet wireless broadband access.


What is the upload speed?


 The upload speed will be varies depending on your location and its between 1MB – 3MB.


Is it good for online gaming?


 As for gaming it will be depending on your location and this will be effected by

the quality of service that you are having. Most of our customers using mada

internet are happy and satisfied.


There will be a download cap or not? And what it will be?


 No, the offer is without any cap and for the period after the promotion Mada will be having different offers to suit everybody’s requirements.


What causes low speed connection?


 Coverage Limitation ( the user is very fare from the Base Station)


 In Case of many users connecting to the device , it will decrease the speed per user.


What causes WiMAX Device not working?


 Invalid username & password


 The computer is not connected to the WIFI or device is not connected properly to electricity


 configuration Issues ( customer to contact mada wayak for troubleshooting


 A customer had re-set the device, which will need reconfiguration at mada premises.


What causes no browsing for the internet?


 Static IP on PC local connection area Proxy settings


 Not connected through Wi-Fi connection


Where could I find Mada?


 Please visit our point of sale :


o Marina (next to Vavavoom)


o Al Muhallab (next to Starbucks).


o Avenues (in P1 next to Starbucks and Zara)


o Souq Sharq ( Main Entrance- next to Starbucks )


o Al Bairaq Mall ( Main Entrance)


Who can use Mada?


 Any one at home or office and any institution that is looking for a suitable business solutions , and Enjoyable long term relation with his ISP


 Anyone who wants an ease of use, zero limitation, prepaid service, plug and play, cost effective , and a professional after sale service


What is the CPE?


 "Customer-Premises Equipment": it is the subscriber equipment that could be used for connectivity with Mada WiMax Service.




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